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Some of our past client testimonials:


“Mr. Sancy is a humble and influential speaker despite his many renowned accomplishments. Thank you for your inspirational lunchtime talk, the memory improvement techniques that you shared were warmly received by the guests and trainers with awe and delight, and we truly enjoyed your creative interactive facilitation approaches to keep our guests intellectually engaged throughout the session. 3 cheers for Sancy and his 5 star lunch time talk!”

~Adam Sultan, Manager, Raffles Healthcare



“Pinnacle Minds memory course breaks down the complex human mind into a simpler, comprehensive story. The methods are easy to pick up and interesting. Everything is easy to apply, understand, and kept me captivated from beginning to end. I am more confident of my ability to memorize now.”

~Ong Chi Yang Edwin, Buzzcity



“The memory improvement 1 hour lunch and learn talk held at my work was outstanding and not to my surprise, received very well by my fellow colleagues. The lunch hour was packed with practical information and was also very interactive. Nothing but positive feedback was received. The speaker was very knowledgeable and passionate about memory and overall memory improvement. I cannot recommend this 1 hour lunchtime talk enough, it was exceptional!”

~Sharina Shah, GQ BAR



“Great memory improvement lunchtime talks. Information given during this talk was useful and straight-forward. There was also active participants between the speaker and the participants. Great talk overall!”

~Rachael. Wang, ST



“Although it has been several months since Mr. Sancy was the keynote speaker at the senior.

Member’s Gathering on Saturday,6 April 2013, our members still recall their techniques taught and they thoroughly enjoyed his presentation on ” How to Increase Your Memory Power”.

“Mr. Sancy delivery was so engaging that many lost track of time. By any measure, he is a very effective speaker and educator.”

“On behalf of Serangoon Gardens Country Club, thank Mr. Sancy of Pinnacle Minds for a memorable presentation. We appreciate the time he took off his schedule and his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise with our senior members. We hope for him to visit us again in the near future.”

~Ms. Lee Kim Pei, Senior Manager, Serangoon Gardens Country Club



“Pinnacle Minds provide a unique memorizing technique that is both interesting and effective. My message to the speaker;

“Sancy, you were amazing! I enjoyed your presentation, it was excellent and your imagination was simply hilarious! You made the memorizing techniques so much more exciting and livelier. In fact, immediately after your valuables sharing, I quickly work on a new lesson delivery approach and thanks to you, I started my lesson delivery (especially for theory modules) off on great note these days. ”

“Thank you very much, you had made quite an impact on me and I hope our paths cross again in the near future..!”

~Tan Sie Sie, Lecturer, School of Hospitality, Institute of Technical Education


“The memory workshop was amazing and I have since used one of the methods to present a 60 minutes training presentation without the use of any notes. I would never have thought that this was even possible before the workshop this workshop.”

~Jason Ezard, ASC



“The workshop was very interesting! It really motivated me to try to use the skills i learnt today and apply it in daily life“

~Emily Yong, Herballife International



“Mr. Sancy is a very passionate trainer, he is always willing to share and is very engaging in class!”

~Kimmie Heng, Bausch + Lomb



“Excellent Techniques to Mnemonics. Children should be taught these techniques as early as it is possible for them to make the most of the benefits of mnemonics.”

~Jolene Ong, Small Medium Business Association



“Incredible! Very simple yet amazingly efficient. Highly recommended.“

~Alex Longman, Managing Director, Credit Suisse



“I don’t know what I’d do without your memory improvement workshop. We constantly have new product codes and pricing changes within our organisation.

“It would have taken me weeks or even months to figure it all but with the memory improvement techniques that i learnt during your workshop, it took me just a couple of hours!

And more importantly, I was able to recall exactly what I’ve memorized without missing anything out! ”

“Thank you so much for all of your help. If only I have learnt this when I was in school!”

~Azmi Tahir, Singapore Airlines



“Good and challenging content. Mnemonic is certainly better than rote learning. I would recommend anyone to have mnemonic tools on hand!”

~Muhammed Umer, EMAS AMC



“Really interesting and helpful. Memory empowerment is an important skill to have to excel., especially in my line of work. Thank you so much.”

~Navin K, Bank of America Merrill Lynch



“Master Sancy teaches the fundamentals of memory work and everything was broken to manageable size. Memory is made easy applicable to day to day work and living with these simple techniques. Thanks!“

~Jixiang Yeo, Synergy Wealth Group



“Amazing memory training. Fundamentals taught can be put to great everyday use.”

~Syed Rahman, Pratt & Whitney Canada



“Very well presented and superbly entertaining”

~Dr Patrick Fernandez, Owner, Pacific-Tec Scientific Pte Ltd



“Effectively useful and pragmatic strategy especially when learning a new foreign language”

~Helmi Hakim, NTUC Income



“Incredible class. This should have been taught to children from the very beginning to excel in their studies. It’s never too late for adults to learn to have a good memory to excel in their work life”

~Joy Keong, Singapore Airlines



“The workshop is very interesting and easy to understand! It really makes memorising easy and fun.“

~Velin Chua, Wells Fargo