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Lunchtime Talk Topics

We Currently have 7 Memory Improvement Lunchtime Talk Topics in Singapore:

Topic 1: The Ultimate Guide to Remembering Names & Faces For Corporate Professionals.

Topic 2: The Importance of Nutrition for Memory For Professional Working Adults & Ways to Minimize Alzheimer’s Disease As you Age.

Topic 3: Learn How to Memorize Long Strings of Numbers like a Memory Expert.

Topic 4: What Every Corporate Professional Ought To Know About Memorizing Lists, Speeches, Presentations, Meetings & Books.

Topic 5: Master a Foreign Language in 4 Months: Learn To Memorize Foreign Languages, Vocabularies & General Knowledge Facts

Topic 6: The Ultimate Guide For Corporate Professionals to Improving Your Focus, Concentration, Attention, Mental Energy & Removing Brain Fog

Topic 7: Take Your Memory To The Next Level For Corporate Professionals: 10x Your Memory Power With These Simple Strategies and Tips.


Duration: Each talk is between 60 to 120 minutes.

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